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About Basquesse


The Basquesse woman loves luxury and the feel of high quality natural fabrics. She seeks exclusivity and beautiful, original garments that fit well, last a life time and are often made to order to flatter any proportions. Our clients are advocates of locally made, simple chic, artisan fashion that is ethically produced to the highest standards.



Basquesse was founded in New Zealand but migrated to Australia in 2011.  From early on, the Press dubbed Basquesse as the Antipodean fashion response to Europe and Fashion Trends declared that Basquesse has carved her niche amongst the luminaries of the Oceanic  fashion hub.  

Often inspired in nature, literature and even dreams, the label, despite being a small concern and very boutique, has captured the attention of exclusive boutique mills from Europe and the world, which often only offer their materials to couture global brands. Once at Basquesse, the material becomes exclusive to the brand worldwide.

Basquesse is committed to keeping its production local and its styles exclusive, were almost never more than two dozen items are made of the same style. We are equally committed to keeping our environmental footprint as small as possible and are in an all out war against anything plastic, hence, you will find very few items made of synthetic fibres within our ranges.