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About Basquesse


Our avatar is a woman who is confident in herself and her own tastes and opinions, with a unique sense of style. She is aspirational, a lover of the exquisite and unique and the owner of unbridled sophistication, elegance and femininity.  Ageless, she could never be described as a wall paper flower, not being afraid to stand out. She is decidely sexy but with taste and class.  She takes care of herself and loves to reward herself with items of unparalleled luxury that last the distance - quality over quantity.  If she does not have enough events in her calendar to wear beautiful garments to and look her best, she invents them, because life is too short not to seek reasons to celebrate.

She is successful in a number of different ways. Most of all, at being herself.

This is how the many men that bought items from Basquesse described their partners on the many occassions that men purchased our  offerings to flatter and charm them.

That is how Basquesse sees her clients as well.  



The designer behind Basquesse knew, at the age of four, that this was her path in life and has been working in the industry for many years.  Against all odds, she pursued her calling, undeterred and unabashed by the brand's humble beginnings accross the Tasman.

From launch in 2003, a flurry of media attention and accolades placed the brand firmly amongst larger names exhibiting in New Zealand Fashion week in 2004, with various other later showings. Since then, Basquesse never looked back, her desitiny sealed to dwell in the realm of fashion - her version of Paradise.

Basquesse's very international story is rich and has coloured her sense of aesthetic, allowing her to come up with ideas and concepts that translate into covetable garments that are - at the same time - unique, trend setting and timeless. And, always, a conversational piece and reason to be noticed amidst a crowd in the nicest possible way.

The ispirations come from within the deepest recesses of the unconscious during dreams, from nature, most specially, flowers, birds and the creatures and sceneries of the sea, books, movies and music.  Basquesse tells stories articulated with clothes, not looking at trends but often being two years ahead of them.

Made to the best quality boutique milled materials - many being exclusive worlwide to Basquesse, generally made of natural fibres harvested and processed in an as ecologically friendly and organic manner as possible - garments made by Basquesse have a knack for fitting as well and flattering as much as it is nearly impossible to find on other racks.  We dress models, and also every one else who isn't,  and Basquesse cares so much about her reputation as a stylist and designer that no one is allowed to purchase a Basquesse item that doesn't make them look their best.

Basquesse has been an annual exhibitor in the - by invite only - Designer Showcase in the Emirates Melbourne Cup Fashions in the Field event since 2006, was a finalist and winner in the Melbourne Fashion Festival Spirit of the Black Dress 2013, has been invited to exhibit in various events amongst brands of the calibre of Trelise Cooper and has often been placed in editorial spreads along names like Elle Saab, Valentino, Chanel and Armani, often with only one other Antipodean fashion house for company.

The Press has dubbed Basquesse as the Antipodean fashion response to Europe and Fashion Trends declared that Basquesse has carved her niche amongst the luminaries of the Oceanic  fashion hub.  

Our clients often say that Basquesse garments are wearable treasure and the only label that remains in their wardrobes, after brutal cullings, year after year.  There is no greater measure of success than this for a designer.  All else, money can buy,  but a permanent place in our clients hearts and lives is what we call roaring success.

We sincerely thank all the beautiful people that have advocated for us over the years and the friends yet to come.