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Basquesse is about exclusivity and often produces garments on order, both to ensure our clients will not ever be faced with another woman wearing the same garment and to make the shape, colour and length that looks best on each client.

We prefer to make bridal gowns individually, hence producing the dream dress and not one of many picked up from a rack.  We love to work with luxurious silk duchess stains and French Chantilly laces but can get our hands on practically any bridal material that may be desired, including embellished and beaded chiffons.



Basquesse does not want to keep to themselves the knowledge accumulated by a team with over 50 years of combined experience in all aspects of making a fashion business run smoothly to a very small budget. We would like the whole industry to thrive for the enjoyment of many people around the world. With the exception of IP unique to Basquesse, we are happy to share our knowledge with everyone.

We can offer the following contract services:

  • First pattern and sample making.
  • Production and operation efficiency consultancy.
  • Company organization consultancy.
  • Design technician services.
  • Design work on commission, to your company's brief.
  • Fashion event organizing.
  • Sponsorship landing.
  • Press release and copy-writing.
  • Retail and merchandising consultancy.  Though a small fry, we have won awards or been finalists in the fashion category for best shop, as well as cutting edge ecologically friendly fashion design house, whilst pitted against veritable giants.

Just place an enquiry with us through the Contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours during business days.



There is no body shape that the designer behind Basquesse has not fitted and dressed  to best results.  

Styling is an art that is not only learned but innate.  That ability to see what proportions, colour combinations and materials work best on any given individual to make her or him look their best.  It has to do with the eye of an artist and the full understanding of the golden rule - something more easily accessible to creatives.

We are able to advice on what styles work best on your frame and to aid you do wardrobe editing, so that you no longer have to spend hours wondering how to dress yourself for that special event or for power dressing at work whilst creating maximum impact.  And whilst having a wardrobe that is curated and will not oblige you to commit entire rooms just to your clothes and accessories.

Just register your interest through the Contact form and we will get back to you very promptly - most likely within 24 hrs of your query during working days.